KY Competency Education and Assessment Consortium Pre-Reads and Resources

by Chris Sturgis

Kentucky districts are gathering July 15-16 for a Competency-Based Education Workshop as part of the KY Competency Education and Assessment Consortium. We’ll be thinking about how to align districts and schools with the graduate profiles and the research on learning. We’ll dig into the flaws of the traditional system. We’ll explore how the quality principles can guide design and implementation decisions. And districts will be mapping out how they can move forward from where they are in their journey.

The following are links to pre-reads and resources for participants of the Workshop. Resources will be updated after the Workshop to include any resources mentioned during our two days together. Presentation slides and talking points will be available on July 15. (Day One and Day Two)


Please read all four quality principles  (below) from Quality Principles for Competency-Based Education and (at least) one of the two case studies. You will receive a condensed version of the four quality principles and case studies based on EPIC North High School and Waukesha STEM Academy by email. If you are interested you can read the full versions here:

EPIC North High School  

Waukesha Stem Academy


Session #1 Aligning to Profiles and Principles

Session #2 Flaws of the Traditional Education System

Session #3 District Mapping (no resources at this time)

Session #4 Putting Quality Principles to Work




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