About LearningEdge

The traditional system is getting in our way. It’s time we update our schools to be based on what we know is best for students. It starts with students being active learners. How can students be more engaged in their education? How can students develop the building blocks of learning they will need to succeed throughout their lives? How can students learn how to use academic knowledge in solving real-world problems? Modern schools are designed to engage, motivate, and help students discover how to be the best learners and problem-solvers they can be. Modern schools are designed to help turn students on to learning.

The problem is that concepts abound and knowledge about the next generation of schools is fragmented —lifelong learning skills, personalized learning, student-centered learning, proficiency-based or competency-based education, projects-based learning, and blended learning. Schools end up spending time trying to figure out what it all means when they could be spending that precious time making the necessary adjustments in school design and integrating effective practices into their classrooms.  

  • The LearningEdge Blog offers bite-size explorations of emerging questions about how we can optimize learning for all students. When we say ‘all students,’ we mean creating a system in which all of the children living in the United States can thrive, soar, and discover their potential.
  • SenseMaking offers answers to questions and resources for getting started on the path toward modern schools, modern pedagogy, and modern learning environments.
  • LearningEdge Services and Opportunities describes how LearningEdge can support your organization, district or school. There are also opportunities for people who love to help generate knowledge about competency-based education, personalized learning and modernizing schools. We will create opportunities for people with different areas of expertise and perspective to listen, learn, and synthesize new understanding.