Noble High School: Creating Timely, Differentiated Supports

If we gave out awards at CompetencyWorks, I’d give Noble High School an award for the fourth element of the CompetencyWorks definition of competency education: Students receive timely, differentiated support based on their individual learning needs.

In fact, the school is designed around providing multiple support strategies,….. Read More

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Insights from the K12 CBE Experience for Higher Education

I had the opportunity to join a discussion regarding efforts in higher education to create meaningful credentials, establish competencies as currency and streamline the intersection of education-workforce development-employer. As I listened to the conversation I started thinking about ways that K-12 can inform the efforts in higher education. Or the broader question: What are the lessons learned and opportunities that could advance a stronger human development system (the term human capital makes me uncomfortable) that would overcome historical patterns of inequity?….. Read More

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A Primer on the NZ Education System

There are lots of reasons to go to New Zealand. The beauty of the country is well known. Their national effort to create a multi-cultural nation that fully respects and embraces the Maori community as well as Pasifika and others is inspirational. And their system of education, as well as their boldness in revamping it over the past 30 years,….. Read More

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Locations: New Zealand